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Deotha Colbert,
my darling mother.
Leroy Colbert,
her loving son.

My mother checking out the books in our N.Y.C. health store.

My mother and I, in my first store standing in front of the counter.

I will never forget the words of my dear mother spoken when I was just knee high, "There is no excuse for not doing your very best."

My mother catching up on her reading.

My darling mother, besides taking care of the finances in our New York store she also ran the cosmetics and book dept. on our second floor.

My dear mother doing one of her many jobs of keeping the books for her son at one of his NEW YORK STORES.

Jacqueline Colbert my second wife and the love of my life.

The courtship days - I have just introduced Jackie to my mother, she took to her just as I had my mother take this picture, as we were leaving.

Sitting on the couch at my friend house very close to my love enjoying her spiel.

Just love being close!

I will go to my grave loving this woman. I met my love in the sixties. At the time she was a student nurse at the local hospital. On sight I was immediately attracted to her shy sweet way. That is for me, I said to myself. I guess she thought likewise, for from then on it was full speed to the altar.

My life took off. Together we build 4 thriving health stores in New York City and Englewood New Jersey. With Jackie by my side I had the feeling of complete support. If I leaned back, my love would be there to stop me from falling. I was on a happy roll with my Jackie. We built a beautiful home in Englewood, New Jersey a block away from Eddie Murphy the actor I felt so sure that we would grow into old age together. But after 23 years of marriage Jackie said to me, Leroy, you are the only man I have ever been intimate with in my entire life. I already knew that whatís new?

I never was hung up on that virginity thing, big deal. In any case we all need life experiences to make better decisions. Jackie never had the dating experience. From nursing school in to my loving protective arms. A beautiful women having conflict with her feelings. She was so upfront with me; I am still in awe of her honesty. No phony excuses pretending something was wrong with me so she could justify her feelings. My fear that I may be losing my Jackie prevented me from really appreciation what a first class women I had spent 23 years with. I had fearful and furious emotions combined, I shouted at her, "you want to divorce me, you found somebody else?"
"No Leroy I just want a trial separation so I may get my head together." Macho Leroy was not going to tolerate that kind of rationality. I am going to Mexico and get a quick divorce. My ego was crushed. How dare she do this to me?

Until this day I regret my decision to let my self serving emotions take over, and not try to help my Jackie come to peace with her conflict. She never married again. There is no future in the past. But my love and respect for Jackie will be there until the end.


Love being together night a on the town

Not married yet just seducing

Our first store on Broadway in New York City we were so proud

Our well-stocked bar in the basement of our Englewood home. She is hugging me and I am giggling with joy

Jackie. Posing a month after we open our first store.

Just together posing for a picture

Alittle fun at our pool house party in Englewood

Jackie behind the counter in our second store in New York City

The lovely Margaret Snyder. Wife of my good friend George Snyder the happy Leroy with his love Jackie.

Trying to laugh it off with Arnold and his hands all over my Jackie. And there is Franco Colombo before he became huge.

Leroy taking Jackie to the clubs trying to impress.

Relaxing after dinner at the head of the table Leroy of course, Jackie and her friend Grace.

Notice our portrait above us.

Thatís the adoring look I miss


It took a quite a bit of soul searching to finally decide to include my last wife on my web site. We had a contentious financial divorce, which left me angry and somewhat bitter. Consequently I decided I would cut her out of my past, that is tantamount to denying she ever existed; I ask you is that mentally healthy?

I say no. I have prided myself on facing life and not running away from it. Many of my friends are very hostile to her and implore upon me to deny her existence. For years I listen to my friends but it distressed me. To deny her existence means I must make a conscious decision to suppress her presence. If that is mentally healthy you can have it. I do not believe in Vindictiveness and denial even thought I might temporarily dip into it. It probably would be a little easier to dismiss Sylvia if she was not such an influence on my life. But I must say until near the end, when she left to do, as she would say, her own thing, I was hoodwinked.

My first and second wives were basically introverted and differential; they would have to look in the dictionary for word the confrontational. I think Sylvia invented the word. My sign is Taurus I am more comfortable with a differential woman but I do not have a problem with a feisty and/or belligerent one as long as she has progressive positive attributes. My darling mother introduced me to Sylvia. My mother was taking exercise classes and Sylvia was her personal trainer. She very was impressed with Sylvia's charm, vitality and good looks. At the time I really didnít want to meet any more women I had some dates and all I could think about was Jackie.

My mother insisted, "Meet her Leroy, she will perk you up. I showed her your picture and she is excited to meet you."

I reluctantly called Sylvia and made an unenthusiastic date to pick her up after she finished training. I sat in my car outside of the building and saw this smiling vibrant girl bound out and I was smitten on sight, she had an infectious personally. Boy did we hit off, I liked her lean body and she liked mine. We were on fire, very strong sexual attraction. I was curious because she was 25 years younger than me, she didnít know how old I was but my mother told me how old she was. Sylvia didnít give me time to think about Jackie, she was going to smother me with attention and make sure this was not going to be a fling.

She had me in her bulls' eye. She instinctively knew what I wanted in a woman; with a little help from my mother I began to feel comfortable with Sylvia. After a month or so of a red-hot romance Sylvia asked if she could work for me in one of my health stores in NEW YORK CITY. I said hold it, this is too fast, yet I was excited by her exuberance. Sylvia knew how much I loved Jackie and she was determined to replace her in my heart, that is one of many goals she didnít achieve.

I enjoyed Sylvia's company, she liked almost everything I liked and she had a zest for living. I took a chance and hired her at one of the stores she didnít disappoint me. She didnít come to slide, she boned up on nutritional books and in no time she was selling more vitamins than people working for me many years. Jackie moved out of the 8 room 5 bath house we had in Englewood, New Jersey. Sylvia started coming over on the weekends and she would cook and make me feel great. Yet I felt guilty, this was Jackie's house. No other woman has spent the night in this bed except Jackie.

Sylvia then asked to move in on a permanent basis, what do I do? Aren't the weekends enough? It was very a big house for one person to live in. Sylvia prevailed and moved in on a permanent basis. I could not indefinitely stay in that house with another woman, the memories of Jackie were too strong. That is when I decided to sell the house and moved to California. I can not dismiss how supportive Sylvia was in the move to California. I do not think I would have made the move without her encouragement.

We moved to Marina Del Rey in California and opened a thriving health store. I was with Sylvia for 10 years but would not marry her because despite her showing me so much love I saw selfish character flaws that kept me on guard. After 2 years in California, Sylvia approached me again about marriage and proclaimed didnít I prove myself yet? Okay I owe it to you, let's get married.

2 years later she walks out without warning. I was shocked but not hurt. She was good. After she walked out she started her own health store. My friends are angrier than me because they used to always admonish me for not appreciating how good a wife Sylvia was. They feel betrayed also...

Sylvia leaning against the console posing.

Miss hot stuff so she thought
Can't stop posing in the living room of my former home back east in Englewood, New Jersey

Leroy Colbert and Sylvia in our happier days standing in front of my first store in California, Excel Health and Fitness Center in Marina Del Rey, California.

Sylvia kissing up to me, she knows i am a sucker for affection.
Sylvia and I were both excited about my first venture in California.

Taken at the end of the pool house at my home in New Jersey, we had known each other a short time. She later put on some pounds with Leroy the provider.

Viola Colbert, my first wife and my first true love. We got married when we were both just eighteen years old. She died an untimely death of sickle cell anemia in her twenties.

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