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Rachel McLish, first Ms. Olympia, at Muscle Beach Awards 2006, in Venice, CA

Labor Day 2006 - Arnold is presenting Joe Weider with the annual Venice Muscle Beach Award. On the left is Franco Columbo, 1980s Mr. Olympia winner. Yours truly Leroy Colbert was also honored that day.

Leaving the stage with my 2006 Venice Beach Honor of the Year award, a proud day for me.
September 2006. What a day for Leroy Colbert, the first man to develop 21 inch biceps drug free, being inducted in the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame. Old boy really felt great to be remembered. John Balik, the publisher of Iron Man magazine presented me with the award.

Arnold Engrossed in the performance at the Labor Day 2006 Muscle Beach awards in Venice Beach, CA, while the beautiful Betty Weider is trying to get a word in.

I couldn't defend my wife this time. She was on her own. The "always take charge" young Arnold had asked her a question and she was stunned for a moment. Notice how intense Arnold's stare is! Mario is also waiting for Jackie to answer, and big mouth Leroy Colbert, who usually always has something to say, could only look straight ahead as my darling wife Jackie tried to respond.

These pictures were taken at the 2006 Muscle Beach awards in Venice Beach, CA - The one and only Rachael McLish, my ideal of women's bodybuilding, the first Miss Olympia, and in my book the last. She is beautiful, gracious, charming, vibrant, kind, and intelligent in one package. I am showing my admiration for Rachael as I hold her close to me.
And here are three pictures of the beautiful Rachael when she was competing.

Serge Nubret, a great bodybuilder of the 1970s who never got the recognition he deserves. Stopped by my health store in New York city to talk bodybuilding. I immediately got out the tape measure to see if Serge was going to break Leroy Colbert's record of the 21 inch bicep - he came close but not close enough! It is an honor to have him on my web site.

I want to share this picture with you because every time I look at it, it makes me laugh! I can't remember what was said at the time, but wow it must have been awful funny. Notice the customer looks as though he was laughing with me more than the joke! Check out that forman, not bad.

Lynm Conkright, female bodybuilding star of the 1980s, over 50 years old and looking great at the 2006 Muscle Beach Awards in Venice, CA. Boy did I feel good hugging Lynm, it made Leroy Colbert's day!

Dave Fitzgerald, Leroy Colbert and Michael Dale celebrating Leroy’s birthday May 9, 2007. I love these guys, they are the greatest, they keep the old boy going when I go to the gym with the boys and rather talk then train, in unison they say "lets get going old man". To me, MasterCard has nothing on them they are priceless!

Here sits Lillian, Leroy Colbert, and Big Dave. Lillian is such a super sweet, kind, and thoughtful woman, it is a pleasure to be in her company.

One of my dearest life long friends Seymour Koenig, a man I cherish. We used to have long marathon workouts in the old days. Here he sits with one of his beautiful daughters.

Seymour Koenig with his other beautiful daughter.

Seymour and his feisty son.
These 3 pictures, taken with my good friends daughters Andrea on the left and Elizabeth on the right, tell a story because the girls are just relaxed in my arms until I said if these girls weren't my friend's daughters, I would devour them both on the spot. Notice the hearty laughs!

My good friend George Snyder has gotten the ear of Leroy Colbert for a change as he listens intently to George's instructions on judging one of the many shows he promoted.

Get a load of this picture. Here I am feeling woefully out of shape, and George insists on measuring my biceps! They are not cut now, and when they are not cut the boys in the gym call them the stumps.

My friend George is not a big talker, I talk more in my sleep then he does wide awake. Notice how big mouth Leroy is showing his frustration because he wants to get in the fray. To the right is Rickey Wayne, a great bodybuilder and writer of the seventies whose incessand know it all talking make me look as if I was a deaf mute.

Some of the great bodybuilders of the fifties and sixties only the old timers will recognize got together in the basement of my Englewood, New Jersey home for a little reunion. Left rear is Anibal Lopez, a top contender; Enriceo Tomas, Mr. Universe; George Paine, world's most musculuar man; and bill Cerdas, Mr. New York State. Front row is my good friend, the late Ray Jiminez, winner of the new your city and state titles; Andy Bostino, multi gym owner; Elmo santiageo, Mr. Universe; and your's truly Leroy Colbert. Don't let all the booze in the cabinet's fool you, it was just for show. Fifteen years ago in San Diego, CA, we had a bodybuilding reunion of some of the greats of all time. I had the pleasure of taking a picture with 3 of the greats. Left to right: Leroy Colbert, first man to build 21 inch muscular arms drug free; John Grimek, bodybuilding legend; Larry Scott, Mr. Olympia; and fabulous Bill Pearl, winner of so many titles it would take a page to list them all.
Notice the attention Lou Ferrigno is paying to Leroy Colbert as Leroy spreads his wisdom. (smile) This picture was takedn 16 years ago in Marina Del Rey, CA, before Lous became famous in the Incredible Hulk TV Series.

Leroy and Louie Bellson

Will Smith tough guy actor and me jostling.

Britannica, personal trainer and believe it or not (it shocked me) a good boxing instructor. Stopping by TOTAL NUTRITION to talk shop with Leroy Colbert

The delightful Melissa Coates, champion bodybuilder
and wrestler, showing off her beautiful body at the
Total Nutrition wall of celebrity photos with yours
truly, Leroy Colbert.
Melissa and Leroy leaning on the counter at Total Nutrition

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