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Leroy Colbert's Friends from Recent Years!

What is a bonding friendship? To me, it is Ed Hartoonian. I met Ed 14 years ago when he walked in the store and asked, "Could I help him get bigger and stronger?" He was very skinny and I saw the look in his eyes, from that moment we connected. At the time he was unmarried, working as a sales manager at Galpin Ford car dealership. Today he has 4 lovely children and a beautiful wife. I have so much respect and confidence in my friend Ed that I do something that may not seem prudent to some people. I lease my car every two years and I don't check anything, Ed gives me the papers and I sign them. My relationship with Ed is priceless.
Boy, is it great to stand next to Scott Mendelson the strongest man in the world holds the record for bench pressing the astounding weight of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. Because he is Scott Mendelson, my buddy, I always try to give him his supplements on the house; Scott would have no part of it. No freebees for me, he would say, you have got to pay the rent baby. That is Scott for you, a class act and an honor for him to be my friend.
I laugh when Scott says hey you know Leroy Colbert the first man to build 21-inch arms. Here he is the strongest man in the world lauding me. Well, that the kind of guy he is, humble and always in your corner. I want the world to know that Al Franco, the strongest man in the world, is a buddy of mine and buys his health supplements at Total Nutrition. Imagine bench pressing over 850 lbs. with a body weight of 260 lbs! Al is a great guy with a go get them attitude and by the way, Al is an instructor in the Los Angeles Police Dept.
Nikki Fuller, former top female bodybuilder and a good friend and supporter, posing behind the counter at the store. Notice the picture above us comparing our physiques, Nikki wins! Nikki is a top respected personal trainer in Calif. and she always sends her clients to Total Nutrition for the best in supplements along with expert bodybuilding advice.
If Tammy Lier don't make you smile, you are dead. Tammy, who won Mrs. Nevada in 2004 and 2005 is a very supportive friend of bodybuilding, the store, and of course not to brag, Leroy Colbert. Tammy lives in Nevada but her business enterprises often bring her to Calif. When the beautiful Tammy pops in the store, she makes my day. She is a special woman who makes me proud she is my friend.

Leroy Colbert embraces Kevin Levrone, a vivid example of the fraternity of bodybuilding. A natural affinity and bond to each other that is beyond explanation. The moment Kevin and I met we seemed to know each other as if we were long time friends, he and I from two different eras of our beloved sport connected immediately, so much life experiences in common. We spent 7 hours talking about how our sport affected our lives, Kevin gave me eye opening details on steroids and its affect on bodybuilding development. Me being from the pre steroid era, it was very educational to me. We talked at length about life, how it affects on our day to day actions, I was so impressed with Kevin's warmth and camaraderie. Kevin has turned his drive and dedication to an acting career, Kevin says Arnold has been very supportived in pursuit of his acting. I am old enough to be kevin's father yet we related as if we were the same age. With age you can reflect back, but not forward. Age is one aspect of life you can't experience it until you lived it. Kevin, a man whom lost his parents at a very young age, and it didn't cripple him. These tragedies strengthened him to do his best as a tribute to his loving parents. What a man, and friend!

Kevin behind the counter checking out supplememt literature.

Kevin at Total Nutrition answering a customer's question.

Kevin Levrone and Leroy Colbert taking some mug shots at the end of the day at Total Nutrition.

Vincent Calloway a many faceted man with many talents a top fitness trainer, world class runner and Kung Fu master. Is a good friend of leroy colbert who is proud to have him as one of my many friends.vincent makes me proud when he often thank me for puting him on the road to good nutrition.

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