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You Can Build Muscles Faster With a Home Gym
By Leroy Colbert

Many of you may not recognize the names of these bodybuilders of the drug free golden era of bodybuilding. But just remember the programs you use today were pioneered by the men of my era.

My muscles thrive on the comfort, congeniality and relaxation of a home workout. No bright lights to blind me when Iím bench pressing. No waiting in line for equipment. No rules to adhere to but my own. No loud arguing and horse playing to contend with. No specific hours in which to train. Yes, give me the quiet self made muscle making atmosphere of a home workout. The sanctity of home training cannot be compensated for in a gymnasium. We all relax in familiarity and complete mental relaxation, free of tension is the best muscle making condition imaginable.

It is pitiful to see the many bodybuilders who fail to get best results at the local gym. Their feelings of inadequacy are intensified by the better built boys going through their paces. So many fellows have such a strong feeling of self consciousness that they are hampered greatly in their workouts.

You can often pick them out in the huge muscle factories standing around gaping in every corner, hesitating to perform one exercise in the fear that they will become the center of attraction.

Thousands of potential great champions are lost to bodybuilding because of improper initiation into weight training. Huge brightly lighted gyms are not the place to build up a slightly built bodybuilder. He first must feel the confidence added strength and bigger muscles will give him, before being thrown in among hundreds of other bodybuilder. Some smart alecks with no intention of building their physiques, others are there just to kill time. These are certainly not the ideal conditions for a fellow who really wants to build a physique he can be proud of.

Of course, there are thousands of fellows just the opposite from the ones we have discussed. There are fellows who can build muscles in almost any atmosphere or conditions. But these are not the boys who make champions. It is usually the unassuming fellows who are determined to assert themselves and cure their weakened condition, who eventually step into the shoes of Ross, Grimek, Parks, Reeves and other great champions.

There are also some of us who need individual personal instruction each step of the way to make progress. The gym is the only place their needs can be met. But for the majority of us, better and quicker results can be had from home training. Once we have improved our health and strength appreciably, we can then derive additional benefit from the association of other bodybuilders in the gym. Champions like Bob Hinde prefer to do all of his training at home. Visiting the gym occasionally to chat with the boys or try out a new piece of equipment.

All or out great physique champions and strong men began their training in virtual isolation with only the instruction they could comprise themselves. Anderson, one of the strongest men of all times, was discovered training in a makeshift home gym. Marvin Elder, Clarance Ross, Arthur Harris and Tom Sansone all built the major portion of their physiques with home equipment and instructions. Only after they had achieved fame, did they ally themselves with various gyms to teach what they had learned from trial and error training in their private bailiwicks.

I so vividly remember my beginning days in bodybuilding. A dark, poorly ventilated, dismal basement housed my training equipment. My only consolation to this atmosphere was the will to rebuild my physique, the encouragement of my training partner and a collection of training hints from Muscle Power and Your Physique magazines. Under these conditions, my ambition was so great that I trained harder and more dutifully than in any other period in my career.

No matter how much you may deny it, inferiority is the motivating force behind every man who touches a barbell. Physical training has destroyed the inferiority of many men, rebuilding them into strong, confident champions. I needed the seclusion of home training quarters so that I could concentrate fully on building my body, free from self consciousness, and anxieties present when training in a group. Once I had built up my confidence, mixing came naturally.

When you buy a home outfit, your have made a wise investment. The equipment you purchase will last a lifetime. Less that a years dues in a gym is all the money necessary to completely equip your home gym.

Some of you will be fortunate enough to have a garage or a large basement in which to set up your equipment. Others may have to set aside a portion of their living quarters to train in. Which ever may be your case, better and quicker muscle building will be your reward.

The most important equipment you will need is a set of weights, and adjustable bench, and a pair of adjustable stands. Later, you may add to this with other valuable accessories such as an abdominal board, multi muscle bar, portable lat machine, etc.

A training partner will be an important part of your program. For he will add the necessary competitive spirit to spur you on to greater effort. Be sure you choose one who is on your physical level. Make certain that he is not too much stronger or weaker than you are, in this way you have a perfect balance to success.

Besides presenting the ideal conditions for bodybuilding, home training gives you a tremendous pride of achievement. You know that the body you have developed will be entirely from your own efforts. And your equipment once bought will always pay dividends in improved health and build larger muscles.

So why not try building your own home gym and watch your concentration and muscle growth improve overnight.


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